Why is it necessary to control the sewer with a camera?

Why is it necessary to control the sewer with a camera?

Camera drainage control is a method Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου use, that loosens your hands and offers great accuracy and prognosis of any problem. Blocking with a camera saves time and money, and also protects the environment.


The blockage of the pipelines usually results from defects, roots of nearby trees that penetrate the pipelines, sewage sediments, sediments, soils, rubble, etc. All these problems create barriers to the passage of water, resulting in flooding of their installations.

In other words, they escape the clean or dirty water with sewage in their surrounding area. For these reasons we often need to find the cause of this involvement using the endoscopic camera.

Our company has a diagnostic camera that with its flexible shaft enters and branches into the piping, allowing us to see visually the possible damage or blockage of the pipeline.


The camera is used to visually inspect the condition of the sewer. Our staff records on video the conditions and condition of the piping inside them and delivers it to you. The material provided is clear and accurate. All material is provided to the customer in digital form along with our indicative suggestions for their repair.


To locate the parts of the piping that have possible leaks, bends, etc. above the ground, and it accurately indicates the problematic parts that need to be repaired, without unnecessary digging and unnecessary expenses.

Camera control is useful for a number of reasons:

  1. Want to know the cause of your sewer blockage?
  2. Want to know where your sewer is going?
  3. Do you want to know where the leak is?


Hopefully you will find that your sewers are fully operational. Alternatively, call us as we have all the means to be able to return to full operation.

Our staff uses modern and specially designed cameras to monitor the drains.

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