The Cartier Panthere Has Been A Celebrity Fave Since 1983

The Cartier Panthere Has Been A Celebrity Fave Since 1983

A luxury observe is a person of the largest investments you can make when it will come to your wardrobe, and so it truly is an merchandise that needs regarded as analysis. When it will come to high-quality jewellery and watches one of the most legendary models is heritage label Cartier, and if you glimpse carefully in any photograph of a superstar, royal or world chief about the earlier 50 years you are probably to place a Cartier check out. Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, John F. Kennedy, Madonna, Andy Warhol, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana and a lot of much more have all worn a Cartier observe. The Tank is the design with the most record, as it is around 100 years aged and has been worn by all the Hollywood greats from Fred Astaire to Kanye West, however, the recently relaunched Panthère is also a modern-day traditional. 

The first Panthère de Cartier look at was introduced in 1983 and has an ’80s feel thanks to the chunky gold bracelet strap. Cartier is regarded as one particular of the to start with to make a ‘jewellery watch’ with the Panthère, thanks to the versatile gold chain bracelet paired with the square watch deal with with rounded corners. It is named just after the panther, which is the emblem of the residence, as the slinky chain resembles the movement of the animal as it prowls. 

The first observe was well-liked all over the ’80s and ’90s and had a business movie star following. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jane Fonda wore it all over the 10 years. The observe was then relaunched four a long time back in 2017 with delicate updates to the style and design, such as a whiter dial and tighter links in the bracelet, which the home reported was finished to even more accentuate the jewellery facets of the design and style. The look at seems to be specially incredible paired with gold hoops and chain jewellery for the total ’80s come to feel. The relaunched check out has been witnessed on a lengthy record of celebrities’ wrists this kind of as Dua Lipa, Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst.

Hold scrolling to see how people have been donning the Panthère de Cartier for the earlier a few a long time, and then a closer glance at the new patterns. 

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