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Painting your office in 6 shades that inspire success

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Certainly working from home has some conveniences. But you still have to dedicate 40 or more hours a week. That’s why you need a space where you can feel comfortable, so that you can work properly. Painting is a great way to start from!

In modern homes the workplace is usually an office at one end of the room or a tiny corner in the living room or bedroom. Rarely can it be a spare room. Either way… the workplace should be welcoming, with comfort and calm, enhance concentration and productivity

How can you create the perfect workplace?

Lighting, quiet, organization, ergonomics and aesthetics are 5 of the most important factors that contribute to creating an ideal work environment.

By ideal, we mean the space that promotes your spiritual, physical and mental harmony and therefore your highest performance. A room or a corner with positive energy that will welcome you every time you have to work.

To help you, in a simple and easy way, to create your own favorite workplace, which will make you feel comfortable and happy, we have collected unique images with original home offices, in wonderful color combinations.

Our suggestions are for you who can paint an entire room but also for you who for your own reasons want something faster, such as painting a single wall! After all, even small color interventions with fun and imagination are enough for an impressive result.

We present them to you and you can choose one of them or be inspired to create your own combinations.

What color to paint your office?

All colors are beautiful. However, according to the psychology of colors, some colors enhance the mood (welcome feeling when you work!) But at the same time cause increased irritability and stress (the worst for your performance !!). ‘One such color is red.

You do not need to discard any paint. Simply depending on its intensity, you will include it in the right proportion and you will combine it with the appropriate colors, in order to achieve the result you want.

To choose a color, start with your favorites. If they fit in the space and emit the energy you want, then they are the ideal colors.

1. If your favorite color is blue

The blue shades create the feeling of rejuvenation, balance and calm.

If you want to enhance your concentration and efficiency, choose to paint your desk in shades of blue. Even in an already painted room you can add color touches, advise Gikas Painters in New Jersey.

If your office is a corner in a room painted white or soft shades of beige, yellow or gray, you can paint some structural elements of the space or an entire wall. The result is really impressive. The space will change so much that you will think you have renovated the whole room.

2. If the energy of green animates you

Green offices radiate positive energy. The green shades create a sense of prestige, well-being and calm. If you want your office to radiate positive energy and optimism. Then search among the bright or soft, bright or pastel green colors.

3. “Golden” offices for success

Both of these colors are very vivid, and are aimed at people with strong personalities. These are bright but also flexible colors. For this reason, most of the time, you will see them in combination with shades of blue, gray and generally soft or intense pastel shades.

4. If you are artistic in nature

The color combinations and wall styles want to let your imagination run wild to create something unique.

Vertical or horizontal stripes, perfect circles or in a free line, geometric shapes and the sentences are endless. Soft colors can be combined with bright, contrasts can be extreme or subtle.

Whatever you choose, always keep in mind that you are designing your personal workplace and it should inspire you, refresh your energy, be hospitable and pleasant.

5. If you are designing one

The study space, or a work space, an excellent and original proposal is to paint a wall with blackboard color.

Creates an extremely durable, velvety matte surface, an endless surface with practical value since on it you can keep notes, to become the diary that you can update daily!

6. If the simple lines relax you

Pastel shades are considered calm, relaxing and promote mental health.

If you want your space to radiate friendliness, affection and serenity then you should definitely paint the wall with a pastel blue, gray, green even in soft tones of brown, yellow, red or orange.

Pastel colors are also very popular with men, so they are a great choice if you share the office with your partner.

Painting is very important:

Every time you choose colors to paint the walls of the office remember… Color does not only mean aesthetics, it also means quality.

Therefore, the interior walls are faced with special conditions…

• pollutants (rings, markers, etc.)
• Stains or stains from moisture and insufficient ventilation

..quality means having a combination of properties…

• spread easily
• have high coverage
• to create beautiful surfaces
• be wash resistant colors
• not to fade and maintain the brightness of their shades
• be user friendly and respect the environment

…so that they can cope, maintaining their properties and aesthetics, for many years.

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