One of my top decor pet peeves (and how to fix it!) from Thrifty Decor Chick

One of my top decor pet peeves (and how to fix it!) from Thrifty Decor Chick

Hey there! I have a tremendous rapid and basic fix for you nowadays! 

There are two points in home decor that annoy me Big time. They are really compact points actually. But they irk me (in our own house). 

Trick for hiding cords behind furniture

Ahhhh…so wonderful. 🙂 

The other annoyance? When I can’t drive furniture completely from the wall because of large plugs.  I you should not like that the furniture has to sit considerably away from the wall, but it also bugs me simply because you can usually see behind the furnishings (and see the cords I’m striving to disguise) if it can be pulled out. 

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If I require to plug in a couple of things I will generally use a flat plug extension wire. (Um…and have you viewed this extension wire? It is like they read my Thoughts. That a single is ideal if you have an outlet you won’t be able to conceal at the rear of home furniture. Outstanding!)
Typically the perpetrator is a surge protector and their honkin’ plugs that adhere out a few inches. I lately uncovered you can get flat plug surge protectors much too. Those people have stopped most of my twitching. 🙂
How to install recessed plug behind furniture

BUT there’s continue to just one extra challenge that arises when it comes to receiving home furniture towards the wall. I really don’t think I’ve ever shared this on the site and I can’t imagine I haven’t. I shared it on Instagram tales the other day and I bought a huge response. Basically every one particular person responded with “head blown.” Ha!

So listed here you go. I desired this trick in my workplace when I was cleaning up everything after putting in my major bulletin board. I have experienced this little printer stand for awhile, but it experienced been pushed absent from the wall till a few months in the past: 
Large DIY upholstered bulletin board

The difficulty was the cable outlet. Maybe you haven’t seen how considerably they stick out. If you are not cord/area cuckoo like me, you likely you should not treatment:

How to shorten cable outlet/cord behind furniture

But for people like me, this will be the best factor ever. Go to the hardware retailer and check out the cable components aisle to get this:

Angled cable connector to get furniture against wall

This very little doodad, or correct angle cable connector as it can be seriously termed, is the remedy to your prayers.

It will allow the cable twine to increase downward (or up!) so it normally takes up significantly less space. As well as it is just better for your outlet and cables to not be scrunched up.

I constantly screw in the bottom part first, then connect it to the wall:

angled cable connector for behind furniture

SEE how substantially superior? It truly does make a big difference. Now I can force the cabinet suitable up towards the foundation and quarter round. Fantastic. 

This is also tremendous useful in that restricted space powering TVs. If you have the luxury of having your cable link and outlets at the rear of your Television, you might not need this. (We experienced most of ours set up high — I am aggravated I failed to do it in this article.) Dependent on the Television set, this is tremendous valuable if you do not have significantly room at the rear of it. 

Have you experimented with this basic hack? These are typically about 3 bucks for just one, but you get a greater rate if you invest in additional than 1. 

Does this things trouble you like it does me? Luckily there are simple ways to take care of my wire/plug woes. 🙂

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