How to cut crown molding for easy installation from Thrifty Decor Chick

How to cut crown molding for easy installation from Thrifty Decor Chick

But ultimately I needed a extra streamlined search…so I forced myself to
discover how to install crown molding. When it arrives to crown, you can slash it
on a miter observed, or use a coping hand noticed to reduce out the form of the molding
so it suits snug into the other piece.

I do not cope properly. 🙂 I can do it on easier trim like baseboards no
problem, but crown is significantly harder to cope in my feeling. Slicing and
putting in crown molding seriously isn’t really that tricky — I promise. The crucial to
carrying out it effectively all arrives down to how you location it on the observed to be

I Continue to use the crown “jigs” I designed for myself years ago!

I have figured out together the way that there are a number of tips to slicing and
installing crown. Very first of all, it allows to have a compound miter noticed. You
do not have to have one — a miter box and observed
(like I utilised for decades for my molding jobs) will do just high-quality. It will
just acquire extra power and stamina to cut. ) 

Due to the fact crown is put in at an angle, reducing it is unique than
frequent trim. You require to place it a selected way on the observed when
reducing it. 

Listed here are some photographs to aid explain. (Stay tuned for illustrations of each
cut I am describing.) For an inside of cut (an within corner in a area), you
want to make positive the front is experiencing into the observed. This molding is
set up for a reduce that will be on an inside remaining corner:
how to cut crown on saw

The front is experiencing into the saw, prime on top, base on

Here’s what it will glimpse like on the observed:
cutting crown on saw
For a regular (inside of) corner, you’ll want it established to a 45 diploma
45 degree on saw

You do the exact detail for the proper facet of the molding:
how to cut crown on saw

I know it can get baffling, so here is a visual of how the within
cuts appear:
crown molding jigs
Notice you can see the edges of the lower wooden? You want to see that, so
when they go alongside one another up in the corner, they’ll fulfill up like this:
cutting crown molding for inside corner
Which is the only difficult portion, getting that angle right as you are operating
about the space. 
You want the back of the molding to be the lengthier edge, not the
correct and incorrect crown examples
Does that make perception? That element is big! For exterior
cuts, you can expect to want to have the entrance dealing with you on the observed, but you can expect to want
to flip it — so a remaining angled slash will want to be flipped more than so that
the size of the crown is on the still left aspect of the noticed, not the

In this article are a couple a lot more tips that make reducing crown go a lot less difficult! When you
area your crown against the noticed, make absolutely sure the edges are flat, like

tips for cutting crown on saw

If these are not flush your slice will not match up in the corner.

Also, it is really practical to mark a line you can match for each individual piece of crown
as you’re working. I use a pencil to mark the top on the noticed

cutting crown molding correctly on saw

You can see here that I’ve labeled the again of my case in point parts as very well
— it can get perplexing as you’re cutting and these references actually aid
me! I’ve marked heights for a number of various measurements of crown, that is why
there are a several strains on the fence. 

22 degree angle crown molding

Most of the time they are a 22.5 angle which is currently set on most

How to cut crown molding for easy installation from Thrifty Decor Chick

Retain in head that most walls are not designed at specific 90 diploma angles.
You may have some gaps most of the time — but you should not fret! This is why
caulk is your BFF. It hides so several not-so-ideal places. This is the
just before: 

inside corner with crown

And the immediately after: 

caulk for crown molding

(I hadn’t touched up the angled part the place they fulfill up when I took his

Also, sometimes the trim will bow out from the wall a little bit at the best or

gaps in crown

If that bothers you, a line of caulk will make that vanish.

I come across it helpful to mark the place my crown hits on the wall and ceiling as
I am performing around a area — this assures that I’m setting up it at the
actual exact same angle as I go. You want to make positive your past piece is at the
same spot on the wall as your to start with place so when you end up they in good shape
collectively flawlessly. 

Crown molding can be daunting, but the trick is all in how you reduce it!
As soon as you have that figured out, it will go extra easily. 

The sophisticated
touch crown adds will never ever go out of style! It’s a little detail that
tends to make a major variance in a space: 

foyer with light walls blue ceiling

built in window seat with bookcases

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