Here's Why Stan Smith Sneakers Are Worth the Hype

Here’s Why Stan Smith Sneakers Are Worth the Hype

If I have been to describe myself, I’d say I am a creature of behavior. I tend to locate a little something I like—be it a breakfast food, skincare staple or sunglass shape—and adhere to it. However there is no larger case in point of this temperament trait than my appreciate of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. 

It all begun in 2015 when, as if more than night, each editor in my workplace was wearing the white tennis shoe. As if a collective conclusion was produced by the style local community, suddenly everyone from journalists to designers and designs had swapped their sky-high stilettos for this run-of-the-mill, relatively economical sneaker. (At the time, its only rival appeared to be the similarly-well-liked Gucci fur-lined loafer. Oh, who could forget people?) 

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