Apple Explores Idea for Socially Distant Group Selfies

Apple Explores Idea for Socially Distant Group Selfies

Apple has just been granted a patent outlining an strategy for generating team selfies devoid of all people having to crowd all over a one digital camera to get the shot.

The tech giant phone calls the attribute a “synthetic team selfie” that would be made quickly on an Apple iphone or iPad making use of solitary-person selfies submitted by individuals who want to be seem in the group photograph.

In the patent, Apple describes a synthetic group selfie as “an arrangement or composition of unique selfies attained from a plurality of computing units into a single group picture.”

It says the person selfie photographs could consist of still pictures, as effectively as stored video illustrations or photos, or even livestreaming visuals.

Apple Explores Idea for Socially Distant Group Selfies

At the time collected together, the Apple device would mechanically arrange the person selfies into a group photograph.

The patent, granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Place of work (USPTO) and noticed by Patently Apple, says that the synthetic team selfie can be “stored as a multi-useful resource object that preserves the individual selfie photographs so that the consumer who developed the synthetic group selfie or a receiver of the synthetic group selfie can modify the arrangement of the particular person selfies within just the artificial group selfie.” In other text, the feature would enable everyone with the synthetic team selfie on their device to prepare the positioning of the folks in the shot.

Now, you might be pondering that the patent has appear in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic the place acquiring up shut and personalized with other folks exterior of your residence is habits which is continue to discouraged, with social distancing encouraged where by feasible. But Apple truly submitted the patent in 2018, with the USPTO granting it in recent days.

As normally, we should really stage out that at this phase the aspect likely still exists entirely as an strategy on the pages of a document, so there’s no assure it will ever make it on to an Apple iphone or iPad. But with the current pandemic serving to deliver further interest around the concept, it is unquestionably some thing that Apple’s top team may well desire to explore as a way of helping good friends and loved ones to hook up when instances hold them apart.

Electronic Developments has attained out to Apple to ask for far more details about its artificial team selfie and whether it is contemplating developing the concept, and we will update this post when we listen to back.

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