3 steps for washing machine cleaning and disinfection!

It may seem like an exaggeration, but even the washing machine – ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – needs care and regular cleaning. Washing machine cleaning is a very simple process. Take 10 minutes and follow these steps. If you feel that your clothes do not have the scent of lavender, as they should, it may not be the detergent’s fault.

Over time, fluff and dirt accumulate from the clothes on the walls of the washing machine. If they stay inside your washing machine for a long time, then they start to smell bad. Another reason for this smell is the soaps trapped in the door rubber.

So it grows day by day, mold and clothes probably smell worse when they come out than when they go in the washing machine. The evaluated technicians of 24gr.gr shared with us their best advice and told us how to make our washing machine shine!

How do we clean the laundry tub?

It is not necessary to have special cleaners or tools to make your washing machine shine. Natural ingredients that are definitely in your kitchen will help you achieve the same result.

1. Washing machine cleaning – Bucket

  • 1 sponge
  • 2 spoons baking soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 cups white vinegar

In a bowl, mix the water with the baking soda. Put the mixture in the container where you would normally put the washing machine detergent and then add the white vinegar.

Close the washing machine door and after selecting a very high temperature program, start it. The combination of baking soda with white vinegar fights salts and eliminates any trace of mold. Easy? Cleaning the washing machine and disinfecting it is a very simple process.

If you do not want to use natural cleaners, you can use a simple laundry detergent to follow the same procedure. Put the detergent in your washing machine case and after choosing the same program, put it in front with an empty bin.

That way, you’ll kill all the germs that have taken refuge inside. Now use the clean sponge to clean the outside of your washing machine. So it will be spotless inside-out!

2. Washing machine cleaning – Wash cases

Another point that definitely needs cleaning is the washing cases or the washing machine drawer. Remove it and put it in a basin of hot water.

After soaking, spray it with a simple multiple cleaning spray. Here, too, good alternatives are soda with vinegar and bleach. Rub the drawer well to remove all stains from detergent, salts and mold. Before you put it back on, wipe it well with a towel.

Tip: Once the drawer is soaked, you can use an old but clean toothbrush to remove any dirt or mold that may have stuck to your washing machine drawer.

3. Washing machine cleaning – Laundry hoses

The tires are probably the dirtiest part of the washing machine. The first step you need to do is check if they are damaged or if there is mold inside.

Then, in a bowl, mix hot water and a cup of liquid bleach based on bleach. Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and rub the rubber with gentle movements. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then clean the rubber with a soft towel.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to clean the washing machine filter with running water every 2-3 months!

More Tips for the “Laundry Cleaning” chapter:

Surely you can’t imagine how much dirt can be collected in just a few months. If you have followed the above steps step by step, your washing machine must be clean! See below small daily habits that will make you keep your washing machine clean for quite some time.

  • Make a regular check on the washing machine tires. Do you remember that sock you lost three weeks ago? He was not lost. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. After each wash, don’t forget to look at the tires, lest a small piece of clothing, such as underwear and socks, get stuck. Finally, with a dry cloth, clean the area to get the water out of the walls.
  • Do not close the door by emptying the clothes from the washing machine. Leave a small gap for air to circulate. This way you will not trap moisture in the bin.
  • Do not leave wet clothes in the washing machine for an eternity. Of course there are days when you don’t have time to deal with the washing machine. If you have such a day, just leave the door open until you can take the clothes out.

Does the washing machine shake, make noise or not drain the clothes? Post your work completely free for the repair of your washing machine and make an immediate appointment with a specialized technician in Athens.

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