25 Interiors Shopping Picks for Spring 2021 That I'm Buying

25 Interiors Shopping Picks for Spring 2021 That I’m Buying

I am Laura Hunter of @nofeaturewalls and I’ve been documenting the pattern-tastic and intensely floral renovation of my dwelling in Oxfordshire for the earlier 18 months on Instagram. I describe my design and style as Jamaican nan cottage-main, which suggests I like quirky and eclectic homeware placed in a floral wonderland so hope a great deal of colour, pattern, wallpaper and Morris and Co.

I also produce the interiors blog NoFeatureWalls.com which focuses on wallpaper and how they can serve as the best backdrop to clothes—move over generic white-wall pictures! I am massive enthusiast of a pattern clash and I have experienced sufficient of the minimalistic pattern when it comes to both interiors and manner.

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